Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: In the Minor Leagues

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We are taking this month off from going to the RE, but not taking this month off from trying.  I hadn't mentioned it before, because I've been too busy dealing with the aftereffects of it, but I was in an accident on December 14 that totaled my car.  (I was lucky enough to not be majorly injured, but still have some bruising a month later and need PT for my back now.)  We are still finishing up buying a car, and the logistics of trying to get to the RE while sharing one car are prohibitive. (Mel, since the Beltway and the Perimeter are the same size, it's as if I lived in Gaithersburg and worked in Poolesville while the clinic is where 95 and 495 meet by College Park.)  We both have mixed emotions about skipping the medicated cycle.  Since we're back to a deductible, it lets more of the HSA build up before we try (although an ER visit for one of the kids may have killed both the deductible and the HSA balance).  And Papa Bear wants me to have more time to recover and start the PT sessions before adding more medications to my body again.

But it feels weird to have a new plan and be waiting to implement it.  Remember how we had 4 eggs in November and was told not to try and tried anyway?  Well, in December, we did 2.5 mg of Femara instead and got FIVE eggs.  Because my body is that damned crazy.  So now my RE wants to cut the smallest Clomid pills in half and do 25 mg of Clomid.  But we're not doing it this month.  At least no one can tell us this month that we have too many eggs and can't try!  I may be benched in the major leagues, but at least I can play in the minors?