Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pitfalls and Tripwires

That title was a chapter title in one of the Wheel of Time books I've been listening to lately, and it seemed to fit, since everything we encounter seems to push back our dream of a family farther and farther. 

My insurance is changing again.  I'm going from no coinsurance to 50% coinsurance.  That's only up to an out of pocket max of $1500, but there's no way we can pay $1500 for close to another year (at which point the insurance will probably change again).  So the box of medications gets to sit there in the dining room, as lonely and forlorn as I feel.  I don't even know if we'll be able to use it when we can get money together, or if I have to try IUI first.  After all, my RE was surprised that it wasn't a requirement on my last insurance.  I just sent an email to our representative at the new insurance to ask her.

Ended up losing my cool and crying like an idiot in front of our HR person, our financial manager (who almost everyone is intimidated by), the insurance rep and the insurance broker yesterday.  I still don't get how it's impossible for them to get shit together to give us longer than a 4-day open enrollment period.  Every company I've worked at before has given a month, and every company DH has worked for has given either 2 weeks or a month.  I was at least able to find out that if I go with our insurance, I can cancel that through 10/31 if it turns out that the insurance is better at DH's new job.  We have friends that work there, but it's hard to get what we need in terms of answers about coverage at this point because there's 4 different plans DH can choose from, and our friends don't know details about all 4.  Still, being able to make that change helps avoid the short open enrollment period screwing us over like it did last year.  It makes me so mad to think about the fact that we could have had a couple of cycles under our belt, maybe even one that worked, if the open enrollment period last year had been even 2 weeks, long enough for me to get answers from them about what was covered! 

Since I've been having such a hard time with all this lately, I'm going up to 150 on the Zoloft, at least for a little while.  Still need to talk to the nurse at work about the real safety of Zoloft, with those commercials making DH twitchy.

Still haven't heard back from the genetic testing people on whether DH is currently covered for the test.  If I hadn't been a stupid SMA carrier, we could have actually had this cycle before the insurance changed!  September 8 was the one-year anniversary of this blog and was also supposed to be the day I would start my shots.  Instead I felt like crap and went home early and took Tylenol and lay down.


  1. I hate using phrases you hear all the time but I truly mean this in every sense of the word - I feel your pain, Honey. I feel it to the very core of my being. We are so incredibly bonded now that there's no way to guard against it & I'm in tears for you. I will continue to do all I can toward your health & fertility, as does my friend Pam.

  2. I hate that you have been having so much trouble with insurance. I want to shake your HR people. 4 day open enrollment? WTH? Sending you a hug...it's the best I can do. :(

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  4. When I was considering having a child, my doctor said not to worry about the high dosages of Zoloft or Prozac. I've been on both. She said they were both stable enough and tested enough that she wouldn't hesitate to start a pregnancy with them on board, so to speak. I realize however that every metabolism is different and, as they say, "your milage may vary".

    You might look into keeping both insurances -- being insured on both of them if you can afford to. Many physicians' practices will waive any co-payments if you have double insurance. It might cut your co-insurance out.

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  5. Unfortunately, my employer won't allow us to be on both plans. One week till we can find out about DH's plan options...