Friday, December 30, 2011

Addendum to Last Post

Part of not knowing who I should be mad at now is also still being mad at myself for not having given the clinic my new insurance card earlier.  I don't think it would have made a whole lot of difference, since we only found out it would have to be IVF about 2 weeks before our appointment, and I don't think the RE would have had the finance person request the IVF/PGD auth earlier than the appointment, but maybe it still would have gone a little faster.  And maybe I was just stupid and naive to think that because getting authorization had gone smoothly and quickly once, it would be smooth and quick again (yes, with a different insurance company, but with a company that had treated my coworker right with her IVF and that doesn't have such a bad reputation for denying needed treatment).

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  1. I well know what you mean about being mad at yourself too, but we have to be as kind & accepting of ourselves as we are of others. One very wise & loving daughter helped me see that :)