Monday, July 11, 2016

#Microblog Mondays: At The Beach

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At the beach with my stepfamily, the best week of every year!  The water was warm today (considering that it's Delaware) and Papa Bear got one of the kids over a massive fear of the ocean. I'm also loving seeing my son getting to meet and play with two other cousins his age.  He sure looks like them, for someone who shares no genes!  The only hard part has been the knowledge that my second baby should have been here being passed around and trying to catch up with the youngest cousin, who is crawling.

The other baby in the top picture has the same first name as my son and is one month older.  The one in the bottom pic is 5 months younger.  My aunt got my son and the other one in the bottom pic mixed up last night!


  1. Fun trip! Glad you're getting that down time with family.

  2. Love when non-biological family members look alike. :) My girls are not bio sisters but we constantly get comments on how much they resemble one another. Looks like a fun trip.