Saturday, March 05, 2011

I feel more alone right now than I have at any other point in this journey.  That's not to say I feel like no one cares.  I thank all y'all that are still reading for expressing/showing that you care.  But I feel like there's no one I can relate to. 

I can't relate to the people who have had their dreams come true and become parents.  I can't relate to the people who don't want kids because they're happy without them.  But I also feel like I can't relate to the infertiles anymore.  They're ALLOWED to try.  Even if they're in a period where they can't afford to try, they're still allowed to if the money can be worked out.  And if they've been told it's not possible at all, they can still try to get the money and the agencies together to try and adopt.  But I don't even know if that's ever going to be allowed.

And so it's hard and I feel alone in a way that is completely different from ever before.  I was going to ask for advice from one friend that I thought could relate, but now that friend is going to be a parent.  What I want is advice from someone that still doesn't know if they'll ever be allowed to try.


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  2. I'm sorry if I haven't been following, but when was the point when you were not allowed to try anymore? Did the doctors say you shouldn't try infertility treatments, or your DH? And why might you not be allowed to adopt? If I missed it and it's in your journal, I'm sorry. If you don't want to answer these questions, it's OK. Saying you're not allowed is puzzling because nearly everyone is and should be allowed unless they're unfit parents, and you are a very suitable potential parent.

  3. Perhaps you could put a note on LFCA on stirrup queens for bloggers who stopped trying not by choice to stop by so you can find them? I know there have to be some. Take care

  4. LFCA? Stirrup queens?

  5. LFCA = Lost Found Connections Abroad. Go to
    Instructions are on there on how to post a blurb and a link to your blog about your situation asking for people to share similar stories with you. You can get a lot of extra support that way!

    Stirrup Queens has a searchable blogroll where you can find any IF related topic you can think of.

    Don't despair. There has to be someone out there who shares your story! Good luck!