Thursday, March 17, 2011

I should've posted this on Friday, but I was having a bad weekend (and beginning of this week) with regards to this whole mess.  DH made a special dinner on Friday and gave me a champagne flute of sparkling cider (since we had some lying around, no specific reason for it to be the cider) when I got home from work in order to celebrate us paying off the last of the medical bills from trying to get the IF checked out.  That takes away a huge drain, since it was killing our finances paying a couple hundred a month.  On the one hand, I am REALLY glad to not have that ruining our budgeting anymore.  On the other, it's depressing to know that we just paid $1400 to learn nothing, money we would have been able to avoid having to pay if DH's company's HR department was willing to do their jobs and give us a copy of what was covered on the insurance plan when he asked for it.

I just keep surviving another day; that's all I can do.  I try to appreciate the things I do have, and not paying a couple hundred in medical bills each month will make it easier to do things that at least make me happier temporarily.

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