Friday, April 01, 2011

Ah, April Fools' Day.  I used to enjoy you.  I was never big on playing pranks myself, but that was just because of a combination of lack of creativity and that I suck at lying if people can actually see me.  I've generally enjoyed the pranks played by others, however, whether they dupe me or not. 

This year, however, it's a lot harder.  I've already seen 4 pregnancy "announcements" on FB that I'm pretty sure are fake (this is not counting the guys saying that they themselves are pg, which are still funny, and not counting the real one from one of my cousins).  It's not as much of a punch to the gut as it is when people really are pregnant, but to me it's as Not Funny as a person pretending to have cancer or something.  One would make me scared in case it's true, especially with having friends that have survived cancer and those that have not, but the other is a crushing reminder that for 90% of people, it is a joking matter because they never have to deal with not being able to conceive.  I kinda remember seeing posts like that last year, but at that point I still had hope and so those posts didn't hurt as much as they do this year.

Before people jump all over me, I'm not trying to tell people what pranks they can or can't pull or that they have to change everything they do because of my fragile feelings.  All I'm doing is asking that people use some creativity in their pranks instead of going for that one.  I've seen a couple of really great pranks already this year that didn't have to do with pregnancy, and those are the ones that people will remember down the road anyway.


  1. It's plain tacky to post a fake pregnancy announcement. How is that funny anyway? Even before I was bitter, I can't imagine finding that amusing. I couldn't handle the actual announcements on Facebook. I see so many Infertiles being upset by things on FB, I'm glad I deleted mine!

  2. People can be such idiots. That's why I never get on facebook and only respond to direct messages through it. Kind of a head-in-the-sand way to deal with it.. but whatever keeps me sane at this point is a good thing.

    How did you know your zoloft needed to be increased? I was feeling a little better but with this last cycle I feel like I'm back to square one. Not sure if its hormonal from the cycle or if I need my meds upped. Just curious....