Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update with Jessie B

So, I only had one night last week when the number of toddlers was really getting to me.  I was also tired that evening, so I just went to bed early and was fine after that.  Disappointed that I missed sitting up talking with my cousins, but I did need the rest.  The highlight of the week was midnight Harry Potter in 3D with my stepmom and 5 of my cousins.  I had to get up at 8 the next morning to drive to SC for a wedding, but it was SOOOO worth it!!

Friday night I got to have dinner with DH and a friend we hadn't seen in several years.  Later that night, DH and I got used as a jungle gym by our friends' 4- and 7-year-old.  We've started seeing these friends (who live 10 hours away from us) often enough that the kids remember us from visit to visit, and they are so sweet and snuggly!

At the wedding reception, we were seated with a couple from APO that we didn't know before.  The wife and I got to talking, and we found out that we have IF in common; we sat there for a while trading info.  This morning, we sat with them at the post-wedding brunch, which turned out to be a very good thing for me.  The seat next to me was empty for DH, who was a little late, and while I was in the buffet line, a woman sat there with her baby to talk to the non-APO people at the table.  When I came back to the table, I waited for a break in the conversation and mentioned to the woman that I had been saving the seat for DH.  She said that was fine, that she'd move when DH got there (although she was really slow to move when DH did arrive).  The woman next to her then said, "Wouldn't you rather take the baby home than the husband?"  I just kinda looked at her; I had no idea what to say or how to respond.  Ideally I would have had some sort of witty comeback, one that didn't even touch on infertility (since I assume the person didn't mean any harm), but I just couldn't come up with anything.  There was an awkward silence and then they resumed their conversation.  Even before my new friend leaned over to remind me that some people with babies can be really rude, it just really helped me to know that the person sitting next to me got it and understood my reactions, both the reaction that showed and the reaction that didn't show.  I told DH about it when he sat down (in a whisper, since the people were still there), and he was sweet and supportive, but it still helped to have someone understand me in addition to having someone support and care for me.

Just over 2 days till my appointment!

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  1. I meant to write this when you originally posted it, but I probably got distracted by something shiny.
    Very happy things went well at the beach. Your FB updates the first couple days had me a little worried. But if you with the sensitivity you've had in the past year can handle two housefuls of Mormons for over a week, you can handle anything!
    (I hope that sentence made sense. I already took my sleep meds.)
    As for the woman at the brunch, unfortunately there are rude people in every segment of society. Not to mention not funny.