Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Nature of Blogging

It's interesting watching Julie and Julia and thinking of getting blogs started.  It was about a month after I saw the movie that I started this blog, although I had been thinking about the possibility of a blog for 2 months by then.  Over the past year, I've seen the number of people reading this increase little by little, and I identify with the feelings Julie had about wondering whether people actually read/care about what I'm writing.  My mom is more supportive of what I'm writing than Julie's mom was in the book/movie, but then again, I'm not doing anything crazy, just trying to have a baby.

On a side note, the movie does a good job of touching on Julia and Paul's infertility without dwelling on it.

It's especially interesting watching the movie right now while reading the book Julie wrote after this, called Cleaving, about the affair she had after the book came out and learning to butcher after the affair ended.

I'm getting fun ideas for things I want to make as DH and I chat with my father-in-law about food and cooking techniques.

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