Thursday, August 10, 2017

Where to next?

Yesterday was our follow-up consult with the new doctor, now that testing is all done.  I felt too shitty about it to post last night, so I'm taking the plunge on that now.  We knew about the SHG and needing the hysteroscopy and still being scared of complications.  What we didn't know until yesterday is that my AMH has dropped from 0.87 in August 2016 to 0.47 in July 2017.  We also didn't know until yesterday that here in Georgia an IVF cycle costs twice what it did in Maryland 5 years ago.  Because of that, we're going to try IUI for a round or two, despite the odds only being 10-15% with my age and only one ovary.  I don't have much of any hope of it working, but we can at least afford to try it by then.  If it goes to IVF, we only get one shot.  We had to finance a car in January when we hadn't been planning to.  We might be able to get financing through a medical financing group to finance the cost equivalent of one brand-new sedan for a single cycle.  I highly doubt anyone in their right mind would finance us for the equivalent of two or more brand new cars, even with it being a medical loan rather than a commercial loan.

I hate my body for betraying us in this way.


  1. Something that my fertility doctor mentioned while I was about to go into my 3rd IVF cycle is that AMH can change month to month. Fingers crossed an IUI works!

  2. Sorry that you received poor test results; that always feels like a punch in the gut. It sounds like you still get follicles (and ovulate?) however. I would consider that a positive. The financial side of it sucks. My only thought there is that for people with DOR, IVF might not be the best choice anyway. That was our experience. We tried IVF only once, with the strongest (and most expensive) dose of drugs.....and nothing happened. No follicle growth, no uterine lining, no estrogen produced. My body literally does better with no fertility drugs or low doses than what they gave me for IVF. Our next step this time around (which never happened because I got pregnant) was going to be IUI. For IUI you only need one follicle for it to potentially work, whereas with IVF you need multiple follicles. So in theory it made more sense than IVF despite being a less invasive treatment. Best of luck; I hope you can still find some reasons for optimism.