Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Antral Follicle Count

The clinic called today with the results of my day 3 ultrasound and confirming the SHG results.  I had 9 antral follicles, which the nurse called "really good" for only one ovary.  I'm used to having more, but I know I was younger then.  For 35, is that actually good or is she trying to make me feel better?

The nurse did also confirm that the doctor wants to do a hysteroscopy to remove the polyp.  She said we don't have to rush to schedule it immediately, that it can wait until after our next appointment on August 8 (we're going out of town next week, and we have the older kids the week after).  I know Papa Bear and I are going to have a LOT of questions for the doctor, so I'm glad he can come to that appointment.  Another reason I'm glad to have moved to a clinic closer to home.  We had been talking about doing the hysteroscopy on a Thursday or Friday when we won't have the older kids that weekend so I can rest without worrying them, but we're going to have the kids every weekend in August.  There's also the question of how much it will be, given the deductible issue.  Overall, Papa Bear is freaking out as much as I am, if not more, and for the same reasons.


  1. 9 is great! The last time I had mine checked at age 36 I only had teo.

    1. Good to know, thank you!

  2. I think 9 follicles is great! Well, it's more than I've ever had on both ovaries combined (usually I have 2 or 3 total). Glad you will have a chance to get questions answered.

  3. I agree nine is great! I only had five on each side (I'm 35) and a lot of them didn't respond to the IVF meds