Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: The Finances of Miscarriage

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I'm on several Facebook groups related to miscarriage, and this article just showed up in my feed from one of them.  I hadn't thought about how much miscarriage would cost for other people.  When I thought mine was a "normal" miscarriage, I was thinking about how this baby that we had wanted was gone, dead inside me.  I wasn't thinking about the cost to us for appointments or the surgery.  I get reminders of the economic impact of my surgery frequently, as we are still working on paying the bills ($4000 or so?), but blood transfusions and an ICU stay will do that.  I didn't think about what other people would pay or what I would have been paying if mine had been a "normal" D&C.

Food for thought, especially in this age where "everyone has insurance" means "we act like we'll take away your tax money, but we know you don't pay taxes because you have no income and we won't actually give you Medicaid until you're already dying of cancer and unable to be saved instead of 2 years earlier when it could have helped."  No, I'm not bitter.

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  1. That article brought back bad bill memories. And ours could have been so much worse. Even knowing that doesn't make it any easier.