Tuesday, August 23, 2011

525,600 Times 2

I was thinking this morning about how the passage of time has been marked during the past two years.  It feels like it was just a couple of weeks ago that I was hearing about a spate of pregnancies among family and friends, and now the August ones have come and the September ones are about to arrive.  As I was driving the rental car today (since I still haven't had any chance to get a car for myself), "Seasons of Love" came on the Broadway channel on Sirius, and we had a post title. 

Although I don't usually consciously think about it, babies develop and change so fast that it's like I can see the impact of time passing (as it feels fast and as it feels slow) in their development.  We first tried to have a baby almost exactly 2 years ago.  The babies of friends that were born in the first few months of TTC are full-fledged toddlers running around.  A year ago was when we were getting the tests that didn't end up being paid for and around when a baby would have been born if we had been like most couples and conceived in the first few months.  The babies of friends that were born then are walking and talking now.  I don't get into thinking, "If we'd had a baby in X month, it would be this old now," but the ages of my friends' babies still make an impact on me without directly triggering that thought process.

On another note, I'm wishing good luck and baby dust to my friend A as she has retrieval in the morning!!

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