Friday, August 26, 2011

On Pins and Needles...

...when I think about needles going into me.  We had the mock embryo transfer and the injection class today.  The mock transfer actually hurt more than the HSG had, much to the pain of DH's hand.  The doctor said everything was basically normal (there was a blood clot in there, but he said that's normal while taking the Pills). 

After that, we had the injection class.  DH was the only husband there, which he and I both thought was interesting.  Then again, I was the only one there who knew she was way too scared to be able to do the injections herself.  I must say, I was shaking looking at the needles, but we both learned.

When I got to work, the receptionist told me that my box had come.  I was confused at first because the pharmacy had told me there would be some in the box that were in foil bags and needed refrigeration, but there were no foil bags in the box.  I called the pharmacy and found out that one type of one medication needed to be refrigerated, but I had been given the kind that did not need to be kept cold.  My Gonal F will need to be refrigerated once it is reconstituted, but not before.

Two weeks before the shots start...

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  1. You're on your way! Way further than you were a month ago!