Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me, DH, and Irene (Plus 3 cats)

So far, we've only had one hurricane-related casualty: not long after we filled the bathtub, we heard a splash and paws running under the guest bed.  The almost-kitten (over a year old but still acts like a kitten) was at it again.  And yet after DH got her out and was drying her off with a towel, she was purring up a storm.  Silly girl.  :-)

Spent the day mostly doing preparation we didn't get done last night...a few last minute loads of laundry, a few more things to gather for our evacuation kit and my deployment kit.  We definitely do not expect to evacuate, because we're unlikely to get flooded (didn't get flooded during Isabel, which was worse), we're prepared for a power outage, and the one road off the peninsula I live on is probably already flooded anyway.  Not sure if I'm going to get deployed with the MD Defense Force...since I'm on the mental health team, it probably depends on how crowded and thus crazy the shelters get.  Some of our engineering unit is deployed on the Eastern Shore, but no one else can get there except by going the LOOONG way around because the Bay Bridge is closed now.

Tomorrow I'll probably get around to random things.  We did a little bit of random stuff today, like putting together and hanging part of the World's Largest Crossword Puzzle that DH got me a couple of years ago, and he did random organization in the office.  I folded all the clothes that had been scattered across the guest bed, so I feel somewhat accomplished.  The big thing I want to do tomorrow is shelve all the books I got at Borders last weekend.  I know I sound like I work in a library, but I have enough books to seem like one.  I had told DH in January that we needed a new 6 foot bookcase because I had too many stacked in random parts of the dining room.  I think I can keep from overflowing this one with what I have now...

As I looked at my meds to pack them for if I go anywhere, it struck me how weird it is to be taking Pills and prenatal vitamins at the same time.  :-p


  1. I can't imagine where you would have gotten such a love of books :) I of course don't know anyone other than your grandmother who has boxes & boxes of books (or bookcases full). Btw, I have a nice tall bookcase you could have if you could find a way to come get it. Notice you mentioned shelving books, not having them on Kindle or Nook. I don't plan to ever have one of those. I want to hold a book in my hand & turn pages, easily refer to pages in the future if it's that kind of book, etc.

  2. I have an eBook app for my phone and a few free books on it, for times when I forget to take a book with me somewhere, but that's all I want. My primary preference is for paper :-)