Saturday, August 06, 2011

More Results

I had my HSG yesterday, and it wasn't too bad.  A little bit of cramping, but what the doctor and nurse said was that most cramping comes from how far they open the balloon that keeps the catheter in place, and they only opened it a little.  The worst part, and the reason I came home after and went to bed, was the effect of lying on a hard flat surface while my back still hurts so much.  As far as the results, so far so good.  Both tubes are open and everything looks good. 

I really appreciated that my best friend offered to come down from Ellicott City and sit with me and to drive me home if I needed it afterwards since DH was supposed to be busy.  DH's morning obligation finished up earlier than he had expected, so he ended up being able to make it as well.  Neither of them was allowed to go back with me because of the radiation, which was not something we had been told ahead of time, but it still felt good knowing they were there. 

When I dashed off the post about my bloodwork and pelvic ultrasound, I didn't have the numbers for the bloodwork in front of me.  Since someone was asking, here they are.  The number on the left is my results and the number on the right in parentheses is the normal range.

Estrogen:                                      48       (less than 50)
Follicle Stimulating Hormone:        5.67    (less than 8)
Lutenizing Hormone:                     1.78    (less than 13.4)
Prolactin:                                      7.61    (less than 25)
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone:       2.86    (less than 4.5)


  1. I had a friend ask me whether you've been tested for an allergy to DH's sperm. She was tested. Turns out in rare cases, you could be rejecting the sperm due to a sort of allergic reaction.

  2. I haven't been tested for one, but it looks like the way to get around an allergy if it's present is the same as the treatments that we're going to be going with anyway.