Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Big Day

Well, I'm 30 now.  As I was on my way to bed last night (ok, early this morning), I was thinking that it felt weird in its very lack of weirdness.  I know I'm not any different than I was yesterday, and I didn't feel any different than I did before midnight, but it felt like maybe something should feel different.  Which is completely silly, I know, but anyone I know IRL can tell you how silly I am!!

I did get about the best birthday present possible from my friend K last night.  After she had shared her wonderful news, we were talking about what would come next for us, and I told her that we were hoping the finances would work for a cycle early next year.  K and I were talking about flex spending accounts, though, and she reminded me that if we use DH's FSA, the money is available as soon as the year starts.  I had completely forgotten that about FSAs because neither DH nor I has had one available to us for about the past 3 years.  Even better, K and I had this conversation during DH's open enrollment time, so we didn't have it too late for him to enroll, nor did we have it (this time, since we have talked about it before) so early that DH and I would forget by enrollment time.

Also, since I'm flying somewhere in January and was hoping to get by with just a carry on, K let me know that I can take the needles on the plane if I'm that far into the process, as long as I have the medical necessity paperwork with me!

So I'm going to see (just not today) about making an appointment to discuss timeframe.