Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I saw on Facebook today about the Duggars conceiving #20, and DH's first comment was that he expected the servers for STFU Ferts to go down.  My main thought about it is that I'm starting to think DH and I (along with a few other infertile couples) need to go visit out there for a while to see if the baby dust will rub off! 

Earlier I saw a friend that posts the milestones for his daughter had commented that she's 23 months today and that in another month she'll be a big girl and he'll have to start giving her age in years instead of months.  Yes, the kids that were born around the time DH and I started TTC are getting too old to be referred to in months.  That really drives home how long it's been.

I was able to appreciate my cousin's baby today, and I got a call back from Shady Grove with a code for DH's genetic testing.


  1. I've been TTC for 22 months so I know how you feel. It's crazy. A lot of people who actually started trying at the same time I did are actually pregnant - and about to pop - with their second's insane how fast yet slow time goes by when you're TTC.

  2. Yeah, fortunately I've only been lapped by 2 different people so far.