Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Yesterday, RESOLVE's Facebook feed was asking people how they were handling the holiday.  Halloween's actually not a holiday that I have any problems with.  I think the reason for that is that, at least in my neighborhood, I only get a couple of babies at the door; it's mostly older kids.  Older kids don't bother me the way babies do.  Yeah, everyone's posting pictures of their babies in their cute little Halloween costumes on Facebook, but a lot of my friends are posting pictures of their babies all the time, so Halloween ends up being nothing different.

Obviously I don't like that this holiday is distinguished for me by being less hard than it is for many infertiles, but I'll take what I can get.


  1. I'm glad that Halloween didn't really bother you. I wish I could say the same for me. I actually wrote a blog post about my Halloween experience. Now, when Christmas rolls around, I'm gonna really be an emotional wreck.

  2. Yeah, I saw your post, and it was part of what prompted mine. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays, and I think I'm going to be ok. Two years ago they were both hard because I had hoped to be telling family members I was pg and I wasn't. Last year I didn't have hope to even be able to get my hopes up, and it was easier that way. I was then able to focus on the things I love about both holidays and on having done things with my mom rather than on not being able to do things with kids.