Friday, November 25, 2011

Do You Have Any News?

I got asked that today by my great-aunt, the first time I've ever been asked that blatantly.  I don't see or talk to that side of the family that often, since they live out in Ohio...the last time I saw my great-aunt was the month before DH and I started TTC.  Apparently right about that same time, two of my cousins conceived with their new wives.  The one that is just a couple of months younger than me is expecting his second baby in a few months, too, so that's someone else who has lapped me.  I did everything sooner than Jared.  I was born 3 months sooner.  I graduated high school and college a year earlier, since his birthday was enough later to put him in a different school year.  I got married sooner.  But not only did he have a kid before me, he had kidS before me.  Before I could even get within sniffing distance of having one kid, he has two.  And I get asked if I have any news in the same breath that I get told about how wonderfully fertile the rest of my family is.


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Ugh, how frustrating to be lapped. I know the feeling. Family get-togethers can bring up those questions, hope you had a good answer. Oh, and happy belated birthday.

  2. I tried to play it off by telling her about DH's new job, and I got a response of, "that's not what I meant, Jared's wife is pregnant with their second child." So I replied with, "we're hoping to try IVF next year."

  3. that must be so hard.

    happy belated birthday!!


  4. Ooooooh that makes me literally shake with anger and frustration, especially her 2nd comment. It's not a race, but if it were, we'd have lost long ago. I GET THAT. I hope when you told her you were trying IVF she either backpedaled and apologized for being thoughtless, or at least stopped talking. ((hugs))

  5. Yeah, she did, and I found out later, when Mom and I called back to talk to other family members that had arrived, that she had told my mom's cousins so that they didn't ask the same thing.