Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Music (Tuesday) #3 - Our God (Is Greater)

Sorry this is late, but I got home too late last night to do anything but go straight to bed.

I caught just the end of this song on the radio Friday morning on my way to the airport and cranked it up.  The middle to end has a great rhythm buildup that makes me want to dance and come as close to headbanging as I'm ever likely to.  The beginning is nice, but it's the second part that really lifts my mood and makes the song for me.  I would have posted it to Facebook as soon as I got to the gate, but I barely made the plane.  So I listened to the whole thing a couple times over the weekend and decided to use it for this post.

Over the weekend, I was doing really well and this song felt empowering.  I was having fun with friends I rarely get to see and making new friends.  I was able to talk about the IF without getting upset, and I was even able to talk about IVF matter-of-factly, just as something that had the potential to affect my schedule and what I would do when.  That ended up being a shorter-term respite than I would have liked, but I'll get into that in another post.

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