Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Review - What He Can Expect When She's Not Expecting

I got this book a while ago for DH, and he read it at that point, but it was not until a month or so ago that I picked it up.  It was written by comedian Marc Sedaka, with a supporting role played by Dr. Gregory Rosen, one of the RE's that Sedaka and his wife saw during their IF process.  DH thought the book was well-written, but he does not think every husband entering the IF journey should read it because anyone that was like him would, if reading it too early, become convinced that their wife would want to spend $250,000 on interventions like the Sedakas did.

I decided to pick the book up again after I came home worrying that I was so far up in the crazy tree that I could see for miles.  DH told me that as long as I wasn't considering kidnapping, I wasn't topping out the "Wife Psycho Level" scale and pulled out the book to show me what he meant.  Now, I can see some people getting offended at the idea of there being such a scale in there.  Not me.  As a therapist, if you get offended by stuff like that, or are even just not able to laugh at it, you won't last long in the field without getting really burnt out. 

The book is very clearly written for guys.  It uses a lot of sports comparisons (which was fine with me!), and does a lot of boiling things down into what the guy needs to know, what the guy needs to do at a minimum, and what the guy can do to earn extra brownie points.  Dr. Rosen interjects into what Sedaka is saying to add in the medical details and to tell Sedaka when he is dumbing it down too much.  Throughout the book, Sedaka does an effective job of weaving his story in with the knowledge that he wants to convey while making sure the book still flows well.  I definitely recommend it for couples, especially couples where the husband is not one to assume the worst scenario presented will be the definite outcome.


  1. Check out "How to make love to a plastic cup", too. It focuses a little more on MFI, but it is also hilarious.

  2. I made sure to get that one from Borders as it was going out of business, just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

  3. I got my hubs "How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup" and he hasn't read it yet, but once he does, this one is next on the list.

  4. If he does get around to reading it, lemme know what he thinks!