Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ants in my Pants

It's too early to be antsy about the appeal.  I know it's too early to be antsy about it.  They just got it on Monday and they have 30 days to decide.  And even if they decide sooner, I still don't want to try and start a cycle at the end of February because the timing would be bad all around.  I'd be trying to get the first appointment in as I'm going to an APO conference 3 hours from home and then leaving for Costa Rica a couple days later...there would be only one day to hope the timing worked for the appointment.  Besides, then if it worked I'd be due at Christmas, which would add in a whole other set of bad timing.  So my goal is to start at the end of March, which I can still do even if they take the whole 30 days to process the appeal.  And besides, it's way too early to be antsy.

But my cousin (who's been one of my partners through this journey) said, "Yah-hooey! Be as antsy as you want! You only get one life!"

Thank you, Leah!  Because damnit, I am antsy.  I'm trying to focus on other things.  I keep looking for more work to do in APO.  I'm doing more stuff with the MD Defense Force.  I'm going to Maryland basketball games (and watched the Dook game from the floor where I was making signs for last night's women's game that got me serenaded by the band).  I'm working on cleaning stuff in the house now while I've got some spare time.  I'm working on wearing out the 2 CDs I got from Amazon yesterday.  I've even gotten to the point of replacing broken purse handles!  But I'm still antsy.


  1. What an interesting title! Caught my attention right away. Ok, we can both sort of have ants right now - you know me right before Groundhog Day! I'm pleased that you're being so resourceful in filling your time & keeping yourself busy. What CDs did you just get that you're wearing out? Love you!

  2. The soundtracks to Wicked and the Book of Mormon. I promise I will get to the CD you sent, and soon, but I've been wanting these CDs for months and I'm in love!

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Hope everything works out for you and the good timings are lining up this year to come.