Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Support Group Meeting and the Possibility of Progress

I had definitely hoped for more from the support group, but it was good for what it was.  The basic issue is that it has just started--this was only the second meeting ever (which explains why I hadn't been able to find a group anywhere near me when I had looked before).  Because the group has just started, I was one of only 2 people there.  There were other people who had expressed interest in coming, but none of them came yesterday.

The group leader, R, is really nice.  She's in the same field as I am, so we both know what it's like to work around a bunch of women and always be seeing someone pregnant at work.  I shared with her info I've learned about adoption, and she shared about how few eggs women really have at 35 (which really makes me want to kick DH's ass into gear and smack anyone who says, "oh, you have tons of time still!").  It was really nice to be able to talk in person with someone who's going through this.  I really appreciate the support I get online, but it was nice to have support in person too.  I told R about the ALI blogging community (no, Kerry et al, not that ALI, Adoption/Loss/Infertility), so hopefully she's able to find support out in the blogoverse too.

R was telling me about how easy it was to start the group (she had been going up to Bel Air for one).  We talked about the possibility of me starting one down in Annapolis, since Severn is still a hike.  I decided I'd rather contribute to the success of this group first, though, before possibly starting a splinter group, especially since I don't really know any local infertiles.  Katie, this is one time I definitely wish you were back home instead of in the ATL.

In other news, DH was finally told that he should be switching companies next month.  So hopefully I can switch insurance in time to maybe have the new insurance by the beginning of July.  I need to talk to our HR person this week to make sure we're set up for the switch, since she goes on maternity leave by the end of the month.  If I'm "lucky," around August I can start figuring out what's wrong with me.  August will be 2 years since we started trying.  Even though we're not trying right now, we're not preventing anything, so it still kinda counts.  I know 2 years isn't long compared to some people's journeys, but that is also 2 years without any clarity or answers, and it will be nice to be able to start searching for answers even if we're still not doing anything with the answers we get.


  1. Are you going to see a RE in August? I hope they can pinpoint a Dx soon so you've got a starting point. This journey is long and it sucks. I am glad you've got a support group up there, even if it is a small one! Every little thing helps. Check out the boards on They have one or Trouble TTC and a few for Infertility... they've been so helpful, not only in support, but also answering the million questions I've had so far.

  2. I hope you can get some answers. Two years is a long time and this journey can be so fustrating. Good for you for getting out there and joining a support group.