Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I watched my cousin graduate from UMBC today.  I was so filled with pride that I could burst, after knowing how hard she worked to get to this day.  I'm extremely proud of my cousin and my Brother.

She wasn't the only one to graduate today, though.  I graduated from therapy too.  My therapist had said during my last session that, before I had had my budding confidence crushed at the beginning of April, she had been thinking that I might be about done with therapy.  Y'all have seen my progression since then.  The biggest change has been that I've been able to accept that, despite the people telling me otherwise, I'm actually doing what I'm supposed to and dealing with this like I'm supposed to here.  Tonight, my therapist told me that she thinks I don't need her anymore.  I can, of course, make an appointment if I do need her, but she thinks that I am reacting in a healthy manner to a situation this traumatic.  Therapy can't make this any less traumatic, and therapy has done what it can to help me know what is normal and what is legitimate and to help me access the resources that I have available to me.


  1. Wow. Good for you. I'm glad you are feeling better! This stuff is so hard!

  2. And helping you see that your reactions are normal is a huge thing! That's one of the greatest things good therapy can do! We all need validation at one time or another, & from "authority figures."