Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hell of a Day

To top my day off, I just realized that this post from 12 hours ago posted to the wrong place.  So here it is:

I'm so mad at DH's work and insurance that I don't know whether to punch something or cry.  Today's the day DH switches to the new company after 6 months of waiting, so it's the day when we both get dropped off of his crappy insurance and I can move to what my company has. 

His company's HR (yes, the same people from whom we could not get a listing of what insurance covered for MONTHS) said that the insurance company would mail us the certificate of creditable coverage.  I called the insurance company to see if they could fax it instead to decrease the amount of time when I have no insurance before the new coverage takes effect and gets backdated.  For comparison, when I left BBH and therefore left Aetna, I could print the certificate off of their website rather than waiting for them to fax it to me.
First of all, UMR told me that they could not fax or let me print my certificate, I would have to wait 7-10 business days for them to send the letter.  Once the letter is sent, I have to wait for regular US Mail since they of course can't overnight it to me even if I offered to pay for the shipping.  The crowning glory, however, was finding out that DH's HR department for the old company hasn't bothered to tell UMR that he and others are no longer on their insurance.  I told him that I'd be lucky if I had insurance by July and that it would be August or September at best before I'd get to see an RE!  And he has no ability to complain about how HR treats him and me because his exit interview was not anonymous and so he's afraid of repercussions.

And of course life had to be more fun, so I'm on day 2 of a massive migraine.  I was able to function last night and even have fun, but only with a large dose of naproxen.

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