Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Step Forward, Hoping For No Steps Back

After I called United again today, my certificate of creditable coverage ended up coming in today's mail.  So now I am filling out the enrollment form I still had from October, hoping to drop it off at work tomorrow morning on my way to my other office.

So where does that leave me?  As soon as I can get a group number and ID number, I'm calling a fertility clinic.  I know that a couple of you guys said to call right away, but I'm too gun-shy after my experiences in the past year.  This is still United I'll be dealing with, and I don't trust them not to find any reason they can to avoid paying for things.

One person commented on my last post asking about whether I had chosen an RE to go to.  I just looked at where the new insurance covers, and I think I'll try Shady Grove first.  Their Annapolis office is the only clinic closer than Greenbelt or Columbia that is in-network.  I've heard some feedback that they treat people like numbers, and some feedback that they are great.  Still, it makes sense to me to at least try the local one first to at least attempt to minimize the disruption of going for appointments and procedures.  So here we go...

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  1. I only know one person who's gone to that office....but she is currently pregnat, so that's good, right?