Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I didn't get out the door this morning in time to drop the enrollment form off at the main office on my way in, but I had a client no show right before lunch, so I drove the 20 minutes each way to give it to the person today rather than tomorrow.  Just got this email, and it brought happy tears to my eyes:

I've enrolled you in the health insurance plan along with vision and dental. I placed a copy of the coverage information in your mailbox.

You will receive in the mail your medical card and a debit card that allows you to charge the medical deductible costs up to $1250.00.  (note from Jessie: it costs the company less to give us a high-deductible HMO and then give us an HSA pre-loaded with the deductible than to pay for a traditional plan)

Any questions please let me know.

Person Filling In for HR Person on Maternity Leave

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