Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Music Monday #5 & 6

OK, I just realized a day or two ago that I was bad last week and never did my Music Monday post!  However, an app that I have on Facebook that gives me daily suggestions to improve my life had the suggestion today to listen to 2 of my favorite songs.  So, y'all get to go along on that journey with me, and we'll combine 2 Music Monday posts into one.  The theme for today is what I have and what I want.

The first song is Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams.  I tried to post the video, but the insert video function wouldn't find the right video on YouTube, and I didn't want to post anything other than the official music video for this one, so you get the link to go watch it in another window.  This song represents what I have, since it is DH's and my song, has been since the first summer we were together.  For those that don't know, when DH and I got together, I lived in Maryland and he lived in Michigan.  That first summer, before I was back on campus with better phone and internet access, we more than maxed out the 180 minutes a month I had on the cell phone my aunt was paying for.  At some point during one of those conversations, I mentioned that this was my favorite song, and DH said it was his, too.  Not that long later, he told me (I think in one of the letters we were also sending, both to keep the phone bills down and because I had time on my hands while lifeguarding) that the night before, he had heard our song on the radio while he was driving.  It's been our song ever since.

This next song covers both what I have and what I want.  It's Little Miss Magic, by Jimmy Buffett, and I thought it was beautiful the first time I heard it.  What really made it special for me, though, was that I was riding in the car with my dad (who got me into Buffett), brother, and baby sister and mentioned that I loved the song, and he pointed at me and Catie and said, "Little Miss Magic 1 and 2."  This was later the song that my dad and I danced to at my wedding.  At the same time as this song represents what I have in terms of my relationship with my dad, it also refers to what I want.  Even as I was looking at YouTube to pick a version to put up here, I didn't even consider clicking on any that had babies in the thumbnails.  I want to have a Little Miss Magic or Little Mister Magic of my own, and I don't know if I ever will.


  1. My dad and I danced to that song at my wedding, too!!

  2. Never heard "Little Miss Magic" before. I'm so glad you had that moment with your dad. He loves you more than you may ever know! By the way, you still always display that you're my daughter, "y'all" :)

  3. I love both of those songs too. I hope you get some magic thrown your way!