Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Feel Stupid

I've been working really hard to not think this cycle would actually happen.  Yeah, turns out that was epic fail.  So now I feel stupid for not having been better at protecting and hardening my heart.

Remember me saying on Thursday that the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) lab would now have 3 weeks and 4 days to do what should take 3 weeks?  Well, apparently the lab didn't feel it necessary to tell me that they would *definitely* want samples from all 4 of our parents.  Before it had been that they "might" want the parent samples.  So we have to have the lab FedEx collection kits to the 3 non-local parents (hey, Moms, you two have packages coming!), have them swab the insides of their cheeks, and take the packages to FedEx (or get them picked up) to be shipped back.

Even with overnight shipping each way and samples being taken immediately, that's Friday (if parents get an early enough delivery on Thursday) or Saturday.  And the lab sounded like they wouldn't deal with weekend deliveries until Monday.  And we won't have one of the addresses we need until tomorrow night at best, so that one can't go out until Thursday's mail.  And the probe takes 3 weeks to make.  And to be able to do this cycle, it would need to be done by no later than Saturday April 14.  And my fertility doc actually would want it to be fully made before I start pills.  Which I was going to do this Sunday, since I had been told that I could start the pills before the probe was done, as long as the probe would be done by the 14th.

I could just scream.  I already have fallen apart crying multiple times.  What upsets me the most is that I started trying to get things going with the lab on February 10.  That's when I gave them my insurance info.  I found out on about February 20 that the lab doesn't request authorizations and I would need to do it myself.  After a lot of being passed around, I reached the person I needed with insurance on February 24, and she called my clinic's business office that day to get what she needed.  She finally figured (after multiple calls) that she wasn't going to get a call back and worked around the business office to get the authorization fixed on March 14.  If the woman from the business office could have been bothered to do her job and call the insurance company back right away, I WOULD NOT BE MISSING MY CYCLE!!! There would have been time to get the samples.  Hell, I might could have taken a sample kit to Costa Rica with me and saved the lab some FedEx fees!

Instead I'm in the position of trying to decide whether I want to wait 3 months to cycle or miss one thing or another that's very important to me.


  1. Why, oh why, are you the one coordinating all of this? Why isn't someone helping you? PGD is suppose to be more mainstream, so what the hell?!?

    I'm so sorry that you're down to the wire through no fault of your own. That's amazing sucky. I'm hoping your RE can help you out on this one (maybe have him office contact the lab for a WTF conversation?). Either way, that's so unfair.

    1. Apparently issues with customer service are why the clinic says the relationship with this PGD lab broke apart (the lab says it's because they don't like some of what the clinic does, so I dunno). The problem is, the lab my clinic wanted us to use was going to cost several thousand dollars more out of pocket, since they were going to want the same parent samples but charge us separately to process them, charge us for the plane ticket to get the embryo cells out to where they are in California, and require due to the travel time that we go with freezing and later FET, and our insurance doesn't cover cryo.

  2. How frustrating... I really would have pulled every hair out of my head. I'm soo sorry. ((hugs))

  3. Other people mucking up all your hard work is *terrible*! I'm so sorry you may have to sit out for 3 months because somebody else screwed up. It just heaps up the unfairness. I really hope the stars align for you and this all works out.

  4. I said it all in our phone call yesterday. I'm here for you, will support you in every way I can. I want this for you with all my heart & pray daily. I love you!

  5. I'm so sorry. It seems like frustration is unfortunately an integral part of the process, huh? So awful!

  6. I am so sorry that you are going through a hard time right now. Nothing is more frustrating than having to delay things due to someone elses mistakes. I hope things come together for you!

    ICLW #61

  7. Ugh, I'm sorry you have to deal with this ridiculousness.

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