Saturday, September 10, 2011

At least miracles do happen to other people

My status update last night was that miracles only happen to other people.  Today I found out that a miracle did happen for a couple that DH and I are close with that have been TTC as long as we have.  Out of the 4 real-life friends that I've been traveling this journey with, one had her baby over the summer, one is at 10 weeks, and one has an IVF cycle next month (the other just got her BFN from her latest IVF cycle).  I appreciate the online ALI (adoption, loss, and infertility) community, but knowing people in real life who are dealing with it, people who aren't friends because of infertility, helps too.  So at the same time that I'm glad when my friends are able to escape this hell (for the most part, since one an infertile, always an infertile), it leaves me lonelier and more alone.

At least some people do get their miracles, though.  I still don't think, can't think that it's going to happen for me.  But even when it's hard to hear about other people and know that my miracle has a good chance of never coming, I'm glad that miracles do happen for other people.  It sure as hell beats no one getting a miracle.


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  2. If you can't believe you'll get your miracle, we'll believe for you.