Friday, December 09, 2011

The Death of Fantasy

There was something else I was going to write about tonight, but plans changed, so instead you'll get that post tomorrow.  The plan changed when I read this post by Keiko Zoll of Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed.  Here's the part of the post that jumped out at me the most:
"I’ve always fantasized about how we would tell our parents we were pregnant. In this perfect fantastical world, we’d time everything perfectly so we could do the big reveal over the winter holidays. I always wanted to have both sets of parents open gifts that said “World’s Best Grandparent” and make the big reveal that way.

It’s not terribly original, but it’s my fantasy....
But… [the fantasies have] changed. A lot. There’s no surprise element when I blog publicly about my personal journey. As of right now, I plan to blog about every step of the way. That might change. But for now, that’s the plan.

And Larry and I maintain the kind of relationship with both sets of families that they’ll be in the loop every step of the way as well. When we go for a beta, they’ll know only shortly after we do, because they’ll have been following along because we’ll have shared it all with them anyway."

I very definitely understand the difficulty with the loss of fantasy.  I fantasized about telling parents at Thanksgiving, and then at Christmas.  And then at the next Thanksgiving and the next Christmas.  Like Keiko, I'm open about my blog and our process, so parts of our families will thus know right away.  So I gave up on the idea of any sort of big special reveal.  But I still haven't thrown away the Grandparents' Day cards that I bought for all 4 sets of parents as an announcement.

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