Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Querying the Blogoverse

OK, now that I'm ready to talk about Friday's appointment, I have questions for those who have done PGD.  When I was reading online, I only saw information about PGD done on day 3, with a day 5 transfer.  My RE was talking about that option, but also about doing a biopsy on day 5 and freezing the embryos for later FET.  Did y'all have that option?  Did y'all do day 3 biopsies or day 5?  Did you get more/better embryos to transfer by doing day 5 biopsy?  At this point, we might have to insist on day 3 biopsy and day 5 transfer because our insurance doesn't cover freezing, and we can't afford the cost of freezing, storage, and thawing.  Everything else is covered by insurance, but not that.

I did find out from the insurance company today that there is no waiting for approval for IVF since we're using an in-network clinic.  Now I just need to hear from the case managers at the insurance company about where is in network for PGD and fertility pharmacies, as well as whether a day 5 biopsy and later FET would count as 1 cycle or 2, since apparently insurance companies differ in how they count that.  Since we get three cycles per live birth covered, that is a key question!

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