Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Used to LIKE Roller Coasters!!!

So I got a voice mail from my nurse this morning.  My RE had been out yesterday when we were playing phone tag, but she grabbed him this morning and found out that he wants to just do the day 5 biopsy and FET rather than giving us the option of the day 3 biopsy and day 5 transfer.  ARGHHHHHH!!!  I left her a voice mail asking if we can insist on the day 3 biopsy and day 5 transfer, because we really just can't afford the cryo costs.  So at this point, the answer to whether we can insist on the day 3 biopsy and day 5 transfer is also the answer to the question of whether we can go forward with a cycle anytime soon.  Of course, just to make life more fun, it's too late to change the amount that we put in DH's FSA, so we can't raise the amount to be enough to cover cryo, but we also can't decrease it based on not doing IVF at all.  So if the RE continues to insist on the day 5 biopsy plus FET, we may be in the position later in 2012 of deciding whether we want to spend a couple thousand we can't afford on cryo or lose the $1500 that's in his FSA because of not doing a cycle.

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