Friday, April 13, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 12 - Meet Hope

Today basically sucked.  It was supposed to be the day of my pre-IVF evaluation, the last bloodwork and ultrasound before starting my shots.  Instead, I got to see my lovely, glowing 8-months-along client.  I've been dreading this appointment for a week.  My one work friend hugged me and then suggested that I go make a Build-a-Bear during my lunch break to cheer up.  So I did.
Enter Hope.  Over a year ago, I had said that it hurt too much to have hope, and one of my friends said that she would hold my hope for me until I was ready for it.  Along the same vein, when I can't have hope, now I can still have Hope.
I wanted something gender-neutral for the bear to wear, so I got an Orioles uniform.  Given how bad the O's tend to be, we'll see if that turns out to be ironic.
Tan cuddly bear
Repository of hope
Helps me to hold on
My computer's not working and the camera is shutting down the Blogger app on my phone, so y'all will need to wait for a pic.


  1. Love this idea -- not just the idea of holding someone's hope, but of creating that tangible thing to hold -- even if it's in an O's uniform instead of the Nats :-)

    Hope tomorrow is better.

    1. I like the Nats and the Braves for my NL teams, but the O's are my first love.

  2. Except O's is part of your heart & love, so therefore very fitting :) So love this! Tangible hope. Good girl! That's the way to absolutely set intent so I'm very proud of you!