Thursday, April 05, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 4 - Sound and Rhyme

My mom was saying at the beginning of the week, that she's really not a fan of poetry, especially poetry that rhymes.  Well, we'll see what she thinks of this one.  The form is called "internal rhyme"...basically, the word at the end of each line has a word in the next line rhyme with it, but that word isn't supposed to be the last word of that next line, it's supposed to be somewhere in the middle.


It begins
With spins and whirls and twirls
And curls in someone's hair.
There.  Do you see the spark
In the dark, when flint and steel collide,
Slide, and become something new?
Me and you become US
As the lust crashes
Like a wave and smashes reservations.
Nations could fall,
But all I'd care about is the crash of cymbals
When we kiss, symbols of
Our love.


  1. Oooh, I like that. Wow, it must be hard to write with internal rhyme. Did Dylan Thomas use it? It reminds me of some of his work. I was in a radio version of Under Milk Wood at university and I am sure he uses it there.

    1. I'll have to look at his work to be able to say. I know who Dylan Thomas is, but I'm not really familiar with his work beyond knowing the title of "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night."