Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was talking to someone recently who asked about whether I was truly trying to follow God's plan for my life and my family or whether I was wanting from God what I want when I want it how I want it.  That really hurt, because I had told that person before about my prayer life and how I had been asking God from the beginning only for patience until it was His time.  I had also told that person when my pastor told me to start asking for a healthy baby in addition to asking for God to work His plan in my life and give me patience.  I ended up talking to my pastor after church yesterday to get a sanity check.  She reminded me that she had been the one to tell me to ask for a healthy baby and not just for peace.  She told me that it was perfectly reasonable to want to feel heard by God.  That made me feel a lot better.  I do know with my head and my heart that God is listening, but knowing it and experiencing the comfort and peace of FEELING it are two different things.  Overall, though, it just especially helped to have that sanity check and hear that I AM praying the way God wants me to, like I thought I was.  That person had me feeling all upside down and shaken up, and now I feel more normal (as much as I can, given everything).

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  1. I have been angry for you a few times with things people have told you as advice but never enough to elicit a comment. I am on my own personal religious journey right now which includes serious contemplation and study of the Bible. What I have learned is that unless you are a prophet ordained by God, you have no idea what God specifically wants for other people. Outside the commandments issued in the Bible, you don't know what God has planned for another person. I searched the Bible after I read your comment and I found no trace of God saying that he let other people in on a plan you knew nothing about especially people who aren't prophets. What I did find was countless women who asked God for a child. Christianity wouldn't exist if Sarah and Abraham had not asked for a child from God when Sarah was unable to conceive. There are famous men in the Bible brought into existence to serve God's purpose specifically because their infertile mothers asked for them to be born. So when it comes to what God wants for you in your own personal journey, your friend needs to turn to her own Bible to get some enlightenment and keep her errant lips shut.