Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Up and down, back and forward, dance in place.  The insurance for my company will actually cover infertility diagnostics, but I can't switch to that until DH switches companies, which now won't be until February or so.  I could have gone on my company's insurance back at the beginning of October if I had known that this stuff would be covered.  Unfortunately, they gave us only THREE DAYS max to make a decision on whether we'd take this insurance or not...they wanted the decision in one day!  That's nowhere near enough time to find out what insurance covers in the way of infertility and whether it's cheaper to stay on DH's insurance or switch!  So now I'm waiting for DH to switch companies, since that'll be a life-changing event such that I can switch insurance. 

This puts off the adoption question for a while, I hope.  I did find out that domestic adoption is apparently cheaper than overseas adoption, when I thought it was the other way around.  I'm hoping that we can still try to conceive, though, and that DH won't want to just adopt in order for me to be back on ADHD medications sooner. 

I have my massage in 40 minutes.  It would be nice if it served two purposes instead of one, but that's basically impossible.  So I will enjoy the relaxation and try not to mourn the fact that I'll never know if a massage would help with conception because this is the only one I'll get.

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  1. Ugh! How frustrating that you have to wait until Feb. Also how unfair about that decision making timeframe! I think given your previous post it is good that it puts off the adoption question, at least now you will still possibly have a baby with that biological link and get to experience the pregnancy. Hope you enjoyed your massage!