Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thinking about it, I can already think of one thing to add to the last post:  When you complain about your kids or about the symptoms of pregnancy, remember that some of us would kill to be experiencing that.  I would kill to experience morning sickness.  I would kill to be up all night with a newborn.  I would kill to experience a screaming toddler in the store.  I would kill to have an elementary-schooler fighting to avoid going to bed.  I would kill to have a teenager snapping at me that I know nothing.  Because I know what goes with it.  And I know that I may never have that.


  1. Here in your corner hoping and praying you do get to have that. I know what you mean it is frustrating to hear those things esp when you are feeling so down. I also hate the stories of women who talk about the whole experience like it is so easy, like they can give birth with just a midwife and no doctor because they're never going to have any problems. HATE that!!
    Take care :)

  2. I totally know what u mean. My SIL had a baby in October and the ENTIRE pregnancy was all about how bad she felt. And this was her 3rd baby and all of her kids and pregnancies have been picture perfect. The whole time I'm thinking I'd give ANYTHING to have to be sick every day or have aches and pains.

    Good luck!

  3. This is . . . kind of hurtful. Unintentionally, I know, but still.

    By this logic, no one should ever complain about anything job-related because of all the unemployed people in this economy, no one in a relationship should ever complain about their partner because of all the single people out there, no one should complain about expensive house repairs because of homeless people, no one should complain about their parents because there are people out there who have lost theirs and would love to have them back, etc. You see what I mean?

    You said in your previous post that you want to be able to vent to people. They need to feel safe to vent too.

  4. Kris, I'm not saying that people shouldn't complain or vent. I'm just saying to be grateful for it WHILE complaining or venting. The same as even when I am completely stressed out by work and just wish I didn't have to listen to one more person complain while not taking steps to change, I'm still grateful that I have a job and that I work in a field where I don't have to worry as much about job security.